New Year, New Kitchen: Kitchen Renovation Trends for a Stylish 2024

New Year, New Kitchen: Kitchen Renovation Trends for a Stylish 2024

At Classic Kitchens & Design, we love bringing the latest and greatest kitchen renovation design trends to Nanaimo and Parksville, BC. As kitchen renovation experts, we believe in the magic of transformation, especially when it comes to the heart and soul of every home – the kitchen. This year, we’ve seen some fascinating trends that have reshaped our kitchens, and we’re excited to see what 2024 has in store. To inspire you on your next kitchen renovation, we’ve put together a few of the standout trends of 2023 and peek into the future to see what’s next in kitchen design in 2024.

The biggest kitchen renovation design trends from 2023

Farmhouse Kitchens Reimagined

The classic charm of farmhouse kitchens remained a favourite in 2023. This style, known for its rustic charm and warm, inviting atmosphere, has seen various adaptations and evolutions to keep up with modern tastes. According to PureWow, the modern farmhouse trend has been evolving into what’s termed ‘Hipstoric Heritage.’ This new trend combines American Heritage influences with rustic European elements, moving away from all-white interiors towards deep, moody hues, such as rich browns, and warm, earthy tones, and muted neutrals, such as soft beiges and warm taupes, creating a sophisticated countryside aesthetic that exude character and charm. Picture historic elements like dark wood, parquet flooring, and vintage-inspired furniture pieces with modern details, such as persian rugs, brass hardware, or velvet/leather upholstery. For a complete guide on creating this aesthetic in your space, check out Pure Wow.

Mesh Materials in Cabinets

According to Houzz, an intriguing feature that was on the rise was mesh cabinet fronts. Offering a blend of aesthetic appeal and practicality, mesh cabinetry provides a middle ground between closed cabinets and open shelving, offering a semi-open look that’s both stylish and functional. According to Sarah Bowen, interior designer and founder of Spruce Up!, mesh works best in kitchen designs with an industrial or rustic style.

Double Islands

With the growing desire for multi-functional spaces in kitchen designs, the double island setup has become an increasingly popular trend for the enhanced versatility, storage options, and ample workspace it provides. This trend reflects a shift towards kitchens that are not just for cooking but also for living and enjoying life’s moments. The double island trend isn’t just about adding more space, but a reimagining of the kitchen as a multifaceted area. With one island dedicated to culinary preparations and the other serving as a social hub for dining or activities, these dual islands offer a more harmonious blend of utility and elegance for homeowners.

Elevate with Butler’s Pantries

Butler’s pantries, once a hallmark of historic estates, made a stylish return in 2023. These functional spaces, often adjoining the kitchen, are ideal for homeowners who enjoy hosting and need extra space. They serve as a versatile area for storing dry goods, small appliances, and a concealed space for cleanup. More than just storage, modern butler’s pantries can be designed as secondary prep areas, equipped with sinks, dishwashers, or refrigerators. This trend not only maximizes kitchen efficiency but also introduces an element of luxury and personalized design into the home.

Kitchen renovation design trends taking over 2024

Decorative Range Hoods

In 2024, kitchen design is set to elevate aesthetics, with decorative range hoods taking center stage. As reported by the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA), there’s an expected increase in creative designs for range hoods, incorporating materials like wood, stainless steel, and mixed elements. This trend is not just about utility; it’s about making a statement and adding a custom, artistic touch to the heart of the home, making a kitchen feel truly unique and personal.

Embrace Earthy Colors

Moving away from stark, monochromatic palettes, earth tones is the next big thing. Inspired by the natural world, kitchen designers are embracing terracotta tones, soft sage greens, and other natural hues that connect the home with nature and evokes a feeling of harmony. Warm whites, soothing greens, sky and ocean blues, and wood hues are popular choices, along with natural materials like wooden accents, ceramic tiles, and stone flooring.

Herringbone is in


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Herringbone is making a stylish comeback in 2024! Renowned home designers like Mitchell Parker from Houzz, predict it to be the go-to for kitchen renovations. Herringbone brings sophistication and visual texture, making it a hot trend for tiles, flooring, and fabric patterns. Whether on backsplashes, floors, or islands, herringbone adds a touch of elegance and modern flair to your space.

Fluted Details

When it comes to kitchen cabinet design, fluted details are one of the hottest trends on the rise. This technique involves creating vertical grooves or channels on surfaces like wood, metal, or glass, adding texture and visual interest. Fluting can be applied to cabinet doors, drawers, panels, or islands for a sophisticated and truly distinctive look.

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