How to Keep Your Merit Kitchen Cabinets Looking New

At Classic Kitchens & Design, we pride ourselves on offering kitchen design solutions that blend beauty with durability. Merit Kitchens, our exclusive cabinet manufacturer, offers cabinets that boast finishes that not only enhance your space but promise longevity with proper care. To ensure your bathroom cabinets or kitchen cabinets remain as striking as the day they were installed, here’s our comprehensive Merit Kitchen Cabinets Care Guide, designed to help you maintain the allure of your cabinets and ensure your warranty remains valid for its full period.

Understanding Your Merit Kitchen Cabinets

Merit Kitchens craft bathroom and kitchen cabinets that stand the test of time, thanks to their knock-proof surface topcoat, eliminating the need for regular applications of oil or wax. From the luxurious high-gloss finishes to the robust painted and stained finishes, each collection requires specific care to maintain its unique beauty.

For Wood and Painted Cabinetry:

  • Use a soft cloth with a mild dish detergent and warm water solution for cleaning. The key is to keep water use to a minimum to avoid damage.
  • Products containing ammonia are a no-go as they can damage the finish or protective topcoat.
  • After cleaning, drying immediately with a soft, dry cloth is crucial to avoid watermarks.
  • All finishes are protected by Merit’s clear finish topcoat, requiring no additional applications of oil or wax.
  • High-gloss painted finishes need a very soft cloth to prevent scratches.

For Thermofoil and Laminate Cabinetry:

  • A mild spray cleaner is sufficient for thermofoil finishes, while a mild glass spray cleaner works best for laminate finishes to avoid streaking.
  • Regardless of the finish, avoid ammonia-based products and ensure protection from steam and heat to prevent damage.

What to Avoid

  • Sponges, dishcloths, and abrasive cleaning tools can damage your cabinet’s surface. Stick to soft cloths for cleaning.
  • Harsh chemicals, strong detergents, and silicone-based products should be avoided to prevent damage to the finish.
  • Extreme changes in humidity and temperature can affect the cabinet’s integrity. Maintaining a stable environment is key.

Ensuring Longevity

  • Clean splatters, such as grease splashes, food stains, and water spills, off your cabinets immediately
  • Regular cleaning, even without visible marks, helps maintain the cabinet’s beauty.
  • Protecting your cabinets from moisture, heat, and light will preserve their finish and color.
  • Should any scratches or nicks occur, touch-up kits are readily available for repairs.

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